Friday, March 11, 2016

Hotel Derby Alma #paris + Grandma's Singer Sewing Machine

Yesterday, I popped into the +HotelDerbyAlma  and a quick glance in the lobby made me smile.  The first item in view was an old Singer sewing machine - the very same model that my grandmother teach me how to sew.  I was 10 years old!!

Imagine - an unexpected, pleasant flashback in an unexpected place!

The Singer was a nice touch as hotel's ambiance gently expresses Paris' mode heritage.  No visual clichés, just smart touches!  The resulting ambiance is one of casually refined.

A glance around the corner from the hotel entry was quite the Eiffel Tower view - so close you could almost touch it.  A quick pic from my phone.

Just around the corner - quite the Eiffel sighting!

So, this business meet up at Hotel Derby Alma made my day one of pleasant surprises.

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