Friday, July 8, 2016

#chatbots Messaging moves Conversational Commerce @Facebook F8 Keynote

If you have not purchased sneakers, flowers - you name it -  via Facebook Messenger, you will soon. David Marcus' Keynote @ Facebook F8 16' clearly demonstrates the future of 'm-commerce'.  

The Messenger purchase experience starts at 6:59

His key point is to 'build experiences' - text alone is not sufficient:

  • started by people - not bots
  • right content
  • right time
  • right context
  • right person

As he states at 15:39 - this is the begging of a new era!  Go and build!!

Smart Intro to chatbots and a discovery Medium on ChatbotsMagazine - a Lewis + Clark type community to define this little explored area.

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