Monday, March 24, 2014

#loungeup on Digitizing #hotel Guest Experience

+LoungeUp shared an excellent overview of the impact of smartphones on hotel guest service expectations.

In short, travelers' expectations for digitally delivered hotel services are driven by their experiences across the spectrum of providers.

Key Quote

Today’s travellers are increasingly using their devices to plan and organise their itineraries, but they are often disappointed when a hotel’s digital experience doesn’t match up to the standard of many other major industries these days such as banking, retail, airlines and restaurants. After all, travellers are perhaps the most likely candidates of all smartphone users to want to remain connected through the means of a simple device.

Full Lounge Up blog post here.

Mobile Service Expectations infographic from  the MCD study - full study here.

As all the major brands roll out mobile apps for check in, check out, room service + other hotel services, independent hotels will need cost effective solutions to keep pace....and keep customers!!

Lounge Up hotel service app is a leader in the multilingual solution for independent hotels and groups essential compete in the digitally delivered hotel guest services race.  Video client interview here.

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