Monday, March 10, 2014

#Hotels Organic Search Results - AdWords Inserted

If you are a #hotelmaketing person, I am sure you have noticed the infiltration of drop down booking boxes within your OWN hotel name search results.

     To view - look at > $rate - underneath the description + before the address

Why this is happening
  • Google Adwords is inserting OTAs + other 3rd parties, when users search by your hotel name.
  • That means that, + other major OTA links are visible in the reservation drop down box - ahead of the hotel's own site
  • 3rd Parties are using your hotel name as a result of your hotel's inclusion in distribution
Why this matters
  • It is likely that 3rd Party bookings will increase
  • Hotels, particularly independents, will need alternative revenue sources to offset likely commissions increase
Initial Research

Hotel direct clicks offset ot as - oneglobe strategies from Oneglobe Network OGN-Xtra


  • My team and I here at Oneglobe Network are currently testing some workaround solutions for #hotels
  • +oneglobe craig will publish #directclick strategies this week, they include:
    • use of subdomain + distribution of same
    • set up of ancillary revenue sources
    • tactics to make the brand name hotel website a better visitor experience than OTAs
If anyone else is working on this issue, we would be happy to collaborate.
Just let me know, craig @

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