Wednesday, February 19, 2014

+SnapTraveller strategy - essential to #hotels OTA offset

+SnapTraveller creators +Sébastien Félix and +Hugo Marchand, are distrupting positively how travelers discover unique and distinctive hotels.  This innovative concept matches socially active influencers with non-big-brand hotels worldwide.

Further, SnapTraveller orchestrates events/contests that provides the context for the influencers' online conversation.

Bottom line:

  • Socially active inluencers share hotels' personality and distinctive qualities in a context that is relevant and engages THEIR following - exponentially distributing hotel name to the like-minded
Why is this strategy so important:
  • It by-passes brand/name organic search results
  • #OTAs and big brands spend dominate search results, pushing out independent properties
  • Today's connected travellers prefer original experiences and relish a sense of discovery that social connections deliver
Hoteliers can't outspend the #OTAs + Big Budget Brands....but you can outsmart them.

SnapTraveller strategy does exactly that.

We would like to thank SnapTraveller co-founders, Sebastien and Hugo, for sharing their research and concept at #CMHshare Paris Think Tank. Merci, it was dynamic!!

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