Sunday, March 1, 2015

#Squarespace #Websitebuilder


Ever wondered which website builder to use? Ever heard about Squarespace?

HT Sharing Matters


  • Amazing design/templates
  • Highly customizable
  • Possibility to have E-Commerce
  • Easy to use for beginners (no need to know codes)
  • Analytics (N.B. A specific section for mobile traffic)
  • Possibility to include 3rd parties such as Social Media Feeds
  • Good SEO
  • In the demo of each template, possibility to see all the pages’ design
  • Responsive


  • Only a free trial of 2 weeks (Then, approx 10$/month)
  • Better for website than simple blogging
  • Requires high quality images
  • Responsive but impossible to choose only few contents for a mobile version (Such as in Wix)
                   Click here to start.


  1. Our Features Search for Launch your Squarespace into the stratosphere - SpaceDevs.
    Source: Squarespace Website

  2. The Functions look for Start your Squarespace in to the stratosphere - SpaceDevs.
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