Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Want a successfull survey ?

If you want to run a survey and you are wondering what website is suitable for your needs. I have tested 3 of them (+SurveyMonkey , +GoogleForms, +Typeform) and here are the key points that define them.  
survey monkey .jpeg
  • It is for free if you choose to have the basic features
  • If you want to have the professional account you can benefit from extra features : extra colors and designs and deep analysis of the results
  • You can choose among different themes and you are guided while creating the survey
  • If you want to add a Logo you should upgrate to be able to post the survey
  • You have the choice between types of questions
  • You have a large choice of Parameters

google forms .jpeg

  • Easy to share on all the platforms
  • Very Basic
  • Easy to use
  • Very Rapid
  • You can use for free
  • You don’t have a large choice of types of questions or features

typeform .png

  • You have a large choice of templates to re-use for your survey
  • The visuals are cool
  • You can customise it
  • It is very easy to use
  • You have a large choice of features
  • You can choose to receive a notification each time somebody takes the survey
  • You can see how many people see the survey and how many responses you get on each of the devices : mobile, computer tab
  • A mobile version is available
  • You can view the results and upload them on Google Analytics
  • Get a general report
  • Easy to use for the surveyed

By : ERRAYES Hannah

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