Monday, May 25, 2015

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Welcome to a new era where all of your work becomes automatic thanks to internet. Maximising your productivity thanks to applications is now possible. This is why i have tried out IFTTT to see how this platform works and share my thoughts about it.

IFTTT = If This Then That
Channels = Applications that you connect
Recipes = Connections between channels

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You can basically do everything thanks to this platform. For example you can make your iPhone create a folder where it organises all your screenshots.
It is connected to several channels, and the possibilities of connecting between them are unlimited.
You can receive a text that tells you what days will be sunny this week according to you Weather application.
As you can see the possibilities with this app are really wide.

The app is also available on your phone and can organise your work for you.
Thanks to this application you have no excuses anymore.

By : ERRAYES Hannah

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