Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to Recognise Potential #Bloggers and #Influencers for Social Media Purposes?

How to Recognise Potential Bloggers and Influencers for Social Media Purposes?

Well first of all what are “potential bloggers” and “influencers”
The internet is full of comments, recommendations, legends and myths, too much information we can get overwhelmed and the most important which one is true or reliable?

There are couple of people out there, who are very active in blogs and social media this true influencers drive action not just awareness, as said by - Jay Baer
+Jay Baer 

They are the ones who can move the internet world in good or bad ways
You want them, because normally consumers will trust more third parties recommendations than your own, they will believe it more they will be curious and get engaged with the information you provide and ultimately with your own brand, you will attract not just your audience but their audience too.

There are couple of things to consider before considering a potential blogger/influencer and publishing their posts

  • Monitor Social Media

    Who is there talking about your niche? if you are talking about paris look for them in your own social

  • Read

    Read through their posts of your potential bloggers to determine if they write about relevant post topics that can compel your audience, are they fun? are they too serious? are they original? are they visually attractive! remember pictures and video attract more than long same format reading.

  • Reliable Source

Do they have any degree or specialization in what they are talking about? Better they do! also, if they have been talking about that for years probably they already have some good knowledge about it

  • Often Posting

Internet and the world itself is moving extremely fast, loads of information get to our hands in seconds, so if you are looking for a post try them to be as up to date as possible.. Information changes and updates constantly.

If we don’t consider these couple of questions before posting to our social we can be giving wrong information to our guests or customers, that will lead to bad reputation from our company, or website, confusion and anger, leading to bad events like: they will never get back to you and your audience will drop, dramatically… forever…

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