Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thinkific and videonot.es Review


Is a web-site that allows you to distribute courses online. Either you are a  sole proprietor, large corporation or school. Thinkific allows businesses and schools to build web-sites which are specifically created to build your brand and also to grow your audience.
The site is free but with limited capabilities. If you subscribe for annually or monthly subscriptions, you will be able to enjoy more services.
It is a great platform for teaching staff or students in schools who are providing online courses.

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Videonot.es is a video note web page that allows the user to take notes as a video is playing. I think that this would be very useful for presentations. If videos need to be shown to classes or provide lectures to groups of people. Videonot.es would be ideal to not only just watch  videos but to co-ordinate the video. The notes can also be shared and also placed on evernote. Videonot.es is an opensource platform. 

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