Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Going Global #remote Working - Office Optional @artsy

More and more people are working from other-than-an-office.  In other words - remote work ... I like to think of it as Office Optional

Remote Work from Artsy Blog

Key Quote:
"In my opinion, working remotely is the most rewarding practice in modern organizations". ELOY DURÁN - Artsy

Article top tips on remote work - smart take = less text more visuals
    • Whenever references are made to something that has been written up elsewhere, I’ll include a link to that so that if the reference is unknown to the reader they will be able to read up on it without having to add noise to my message. Using an open medium, like a (Slack) chat channel is great for this.

    • Where explaining something in a user interface would take a lot of text, I will include screenshots or screen videos.

    • If a message contains several key facts I want the reader to know, or questions that I want to have answered, I will format that as a bullet list. Yes, like this very one you’re reading.

OneGlobe Netowork team works online together 2 or 3 days a week.  We still need F2F time and sometimes use local cafes + co-work space...for a change of pace.

Your thoughts???

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