Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hospitality - Millennials = #mobilemindset

An eye-opening research report has been published by Oracle Hospitality.  “Millennials and Hospitality: 

The information is highly valuable for restaurants and hotels seeking to provide the right services at the right time to Millennial customers.

It covers mobile usage for:
  • Services - such as keyless check in
  • Payment
  • Booking
  • Communications
Mobile Hotel Bookings are almost 50%

A key finding for hoteliers - quote from the study:
  • Hotels face a mobile frontier: Make no mistake – millennials in every country are already using their mobile devices to conduct core functions with hotels. Among the findings: 20% had checked into a hotel using their mobile, while 46% had booked a hotel room through similar means. Only 12% had ordered room service by smartphone, yet room service was the number one request when millennials were asked how else technology could improve their stay.
Clearly, hotels need to adapt operations + booking capability to the #mobilemindset of on the go guests!

Is your hotel ready?  

We would be happy to help smart hotels go mobile - before losing your guests to big budget OTAs + chains.

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