Monday, May 9, 2016

#visme, make your presentation fun to see!

Templates are pretty much already done.

Once you enter a graph, you can change the graph data values, also type:

Then you can change the aesthetics in the settings. Each type of graph has its own animation that can be turned on or off.

Visme is very simple and intuitive to use. Each object can be easily manipulated and moved around. Animation effects can be quickly added by simply clicking the “animate object” button, and you get a choice of animations, and when they occur in the presentation. They also have a wide array of templates, and though many of them are premium features, it is not necessary to pay since the free features are sufficient enough to create a dynamic and enticing presentation.

Since the graphs come with their own sets of animations, the standard format saves you from a huge headache.

Finally, once published, presentation can be integrated through provided code into your website, or shared on all social media platforms, or the link can just be shared with the appropriate person.
The only downside is that only one person at a time can work on a presentation. There is no collaborative option which may make it a hindrance to group work.

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