Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Prizm - The musical brain

We all have different types of favorite music. 
And it's hard sometimes to find the right one that will suit everyone. 
Well Prizm found a way to solve your problem.

This innovative startup created a device that will allow you to listen to the type of music you enjoy, and cross it with your friend's favorite music.

This device is music intelligent, it crosses everyone's favorite type of music to get the perfect one.

If M. X likes Rock'n Roll and Ms. Y likes classical music, Prizm will find the best music for both of them.

You don't need phone or computer anymore, all musical informations are stocked on soundcloud and deeper that are integrated to the device.

It can be use in many different cases. If you are at a party, with family, cooking and even for hospitality.

The device is linked to a bracelet that recorder all your preferences. If you give your music preferences to your booking the receptionist will take care of it, so at your check-in you'll receive your  bracelet. When you'll enter the room not only you will listent to music but it will be your favorite.

Hope you'll have the chance to use it, and enjoy it.

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