Monday, February 15, 2016

Hangouts Mobile

An extremely easy application to use on a mobile device. First of all, it is free so there are no coast’s associated with the application. Once the application has been download the user has to key in their mobile phone number and then a message will be sent to their phone. A code will be provided for the user to get access to the application and start using the hangouts application. Once the application on your mobile phone has been installed it gives you three options. The first is a video call followed by new group and lastly new conversation. All the user has to do is pick one and they start to enjoy the services of the phone.

This is not an application that would be recommended for businesses or for educational use. This application is more tailored towards individual use. The only thing that I can recommend for the application to be used for in relations to educational purposes is to have video chat’s. 

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