Monday, February 15, 2016


Viber is a free messaging application that allows individuals to communicate and have fun as they talk. Viber has a message face in which has a discussion board, contacts and calls. Furthermore, users of the application are able to find and join groups to enter into discussions. Allowing the user to engage in a variety of videos and shared content. As to add on other individuals onto the service all that is required is for the user to send an invite to someone who also has the application.  Moreover, phone calls and video calls are free as the service only requires internet connection. Thus, if the user’s friends are international then calling their friends will be like you are calling a local number.

A variety of cool features can be found when the user is having a discussion with someone else. This includes sending a scrawl and a wink which is a new feature. Audio recordings are possible and can be sent during the discussion.

As for the educational feature on this application is that student will be able to share content towards their classes and help each other if students are stuck on questions. In addition, studnets will be able to stay in touch with their teachers and get new content if need be.

The business potential on the mobile phone is the groups. Businesses will gain a huge advantage by creating groups on viber and sending out live content. Customers will be able to join the group and have access to content that reaches the customer immediately. 

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