Monday, February 15, 2016


Whats app is a great free appplication   that is used for communicating between people. The fantastic thing about whats app is that individuals are able to have free calls and also send messages between each other. All that is needed is that the other person on the other side of the phone have the same application. Furthermore, as you chat with people the application allows people to use things  such as attachments, for example photos, videos, audio, location that is where you are or where you would like to show someone where you are, and contacts.

If  someone is feeling very lazy and they don’t want to type on their mobile phones, then they can use the record audio option. Thus, the option of having a conversation with another person just having recorded text allows for a simple and easy text.

As for educational purposes the application can be used for groups as sharing videos to solutions and also sending links to students to check out new information. The application would be extremely useful for language classes as students will be able to chat, and play around with a language and still be social. 

The application is great for individual use, however businesses are able to use What’s app. Businesses are able to use what’s app by creating groups and keeping their groups up-to-date as to what promotions or new items are up on offer. Businesses  will be able to stay just beside their customers as they are just a text an audio, video, or audio away.

It is a great option to interact with your customers and get to know them. 

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