Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hotel le Parisis Unique Near Tour Eiffel

Le Parisis Hotel is an original Paris Experience 

It is situated next to the metro station and to the Eiffel Tower. In fact you have a marvelous view from many of the guestrooms on the Eiffel Tower.
This hotel is fresh, green in the light filled social lobby bar that makes the difference between this hotel and any other 4 star hotel.

The Veranda is a peace and calm place where you can either work, read a book or have a coffee with some friends. It allow you to enjoy a hot chocolate and look at the Parisian sky at the same time. The natural plants that are in the Veranda give an open outdoor feel.

They will soon propose exhibitions of Photographs and painters that will add more charm to this hotel.

All of the rooms are peaceful and calm. Even if the metro is near by the triple glazing will allow you to enjoy the neighborhood without the noise.

You will find in each of their rooms poppy flowers that symbolise restful sleep and rejuvenation.

So don't wait to long to enjoy the hotel Le Parisis for your next stay in Paris.

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