Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#aliceapp aids Hoteliers - proactive use of data = save money

AliceApp staff member posted real life examples of how #hotels use available data to improve guest satisfaction and/or save money.

As a former GM, I was particularly impressed by this maintenance staff story:
On a hunch, a Maintenance Manager at a top NYC boutique hotel called ALICE’s analytics specialists and requested that they pull all of the internal tickets tagged “#fix: leaky faucet” over the past 6 months. As he had guessed, all of the requests were originating from the Southwest part of the building, focused around 10 floors. Upon further investigation, it turned out that there was corrosion in the pipes, and by taking proactive measures rather than passively waiting for a major issue, the hotel was able to save thousands of dollars and months of headache.
I will definitely be using these examples with my MBA students.

Here is the full post - How Hoteliers are Using Data to Improve their Operations. 

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