Friday, June 3, 2016

Luxury #Hotel Guests Expect High Touch + Digital Services

Stay N Touch posted an excellent perspective on the paradox of luxury  hotel guests' service expectations.

In short - choice

  • High touch when they want it
  • Cutting edge digital services always accessible

Stay N Touch Blog Image

Hoteliers in the high end luxury sector need to get past the passé concept that self service digital is not valued by their guests - in fact, it is the opposite.

Key quote:
Horst Schulze, who made Ritz Carlton into a synonym for high end luxury, describes the paradox of delivery a luxury hospitality experience, “Highly active yet private, tranquil but exciting, confidently delivered but not arrogant, distinct while being familiar, all the latest technology yet feeling timeless, not trendy.”

Link to Full Blog post - 
What your Luxury Hotel Guest Expects: Both High Touch and Digital Service

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