Friday, September 30, 2016

From computer to mobile : The new consumer behavior

"Take a moment to think back to how you got information before smartphones existed. You probably printed directions before a road trip (or relied on a paper map you already had). Maybe you looked up movie times in the newspaper. Maybe you called a store to check its hours (or just took your chances and showed up, hoping to see the "open" sign)."

This article explains in 3 points the importance of mobile in today's marketing. Mobile must be included in our day to day business, including the behavior of consumerson their mobile.

Here are the 3 points:

    • The moments of need, people turn to their phones and seacher
    • mobile helps people make decisions when they're ready to buy
    • mobile search is used for more then immediate needs
See the full article :

This can be applied to the hospitality market. Take a look at Le Littre Hotel who offers a exculsive Mobile rate For consumers using Mobile for Booking

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