Friday, September 9, 2016

#Hotel Mobile Bookings - Think User #Experience - UX

Trust You 2 Part Series Helps Hotels Attract Mobile Bookings

As hotel bookings by mobile device have passed desktop sites, independent hotels need action steps to stay in sync with their on-the-go guests.

Key points for attracting + converting mobile travelers: 

  • Content is King
  • Consider User Experience - UX
  • Be Flexible
User experience stands out, IMO.
  • Travelers on mobile are task oriented - get something done
  • They are often multi-tasking - walking, commuting, in a taxi
  • Their expectations for fast results is higher than on desktop
Mobile site design must be mobile USER friendly - we call that thumbable;
  • Easy to book - with a thumb or finger tap
  • Easy to contact hotel - click to call with thumb or finger tap
  • Easy to find - map function on entry page - access with thumb.
In short, RWD - responsive web design - may fit the screen but are NOT sufficiently suited to mobile user needs.  Mobile dedicated + RWD = MMR (maximum mobile reach)

2 examples - UX + CX designed mobile sites

Hotel Le Littre Montaparnesse Mobile Site

Hotel Mama Shelter Paris

Full Trust You  Part 2 article here - Hotels Prepared for Mobile Bookings

Part 1 article here - Mobile Conversions Technology

Mobile Smart Hotels Site

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