Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Mile Club = genius - inflight social share + uber ride share #techcrunchdisrupt

Last Mile Club a #techcrunchdisrupt hackathon winner is a well deserved genius idea.   

It is an ingenious combination that 

  • empowers passengers on the same flight to make contact 
  • identify those traveling to same area from the airport
  • to split rides - share fares via Uber or Lyft 
View Last Mile Club's excellent slide can see why this concept makes so much sense!!

Last Mile Club #techcrunchdisrupt

  Key difference - IMO
Last Mile Club, however, is designed to be integrated into the airline’s Android-based in-flight entertainment system.

Social Benefit - quote developer Tommy Chan
 "I was looking at this from a carbon footprint perspective,” 

Full TechCrunch article - Last Mile Club helps Find Fellow Passengers that  Want to Split a Cab.

Be sure to watch the video presentation!!

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