Saturday, October 13, 2012

Airbnb a Perfect Example of Web User Experience Optimization

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A few days ago, I have been surfing Airbnb's website to look at the types of accommodation they were offering.
I ended spending the entire evening on because I was impressed by their efforts in optimizing the web user experience.

My analytical mind drove me to analyze each part of the site, and I noticed that Airbnb gathers in one site, the strengths of online lodging providers and social media in terms of user experience, namely:

- a search system similar to "Hotel-Friendly" OTAs

- a "photo gallery" design similar to Online Travel Guides

- a social platform similar to Pinterest's boards

- and much more

Knowing who drew its inspiration from whom does not matter, what really matters is the result !These features on Airbnb provide web users with a fully optimized online experience because they make its products and services unique.

I therefore highly encourage independent hotels and serviced apartments companies to take Airbnb as an example, because they have understood how important it is to search what users really need, desire and expect... And provide them with better products and services than they expect.

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