Monday, October 29, 2012

Wearable gadgets , the next revolution

        Forrester Research has published a new report called Smart Body, Smart World according to which wearable gadgets are the next tech revolution.

        Those new gadgets are the sensor-packed "wearables" like the Nike+ Fuelband.
First of all, the gadgets must be wearable in order to be successful.  Than you must wish to wear it all the time even if has no real function. It is on your skin, is comfortable,  therefore the sensuousness of the design is crucial.  And by this way it helps you to express yourself , the gadget will tell something about you. 

    "The ultimate question for businesses, though, is “how does this affect me?” What if your speciality isn’t in human kinetic movements? The report actually sees insurance of all things as one of the industries most susceptible to wearable disruption, enabling consumers to negotiate better rates by submitting data-rich proof of their active lifestyles."

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