Monday, October 22, 2012

Pheed: are you gonna sign up?

Dear FMKRS, 

We hope you had a great weekend!

Guess what we just discovered this morning? P-H-E-E-D... ever heard about it? If yes, feel free to leave your comments, we can't wait to discover what you feel about this new social network! 

Their baseline "Express Yourself", as well as the picture with the man with tattoos  really made me feel as if we could share anything on this platform! Is that true? Well we'll have to wait a bit, because this is pretty new (only launched on August 10), and it already reached 350 000 unique visitors!

Everyone agrees on the fact that Pheed is a "Twitter, with a business plan".  

So, basically, what can Pheeders do

Subscribers can chose to share their content for free, or for a premium price (from 1.99$ to 34.99$ per content, or per month). 

Let's have a look at Miley Cyrus' s profile, because she was one the first to sign up for this tool.

On the profile we have the possibility to do everything that we are able to on other platforms: customizing background, search for other people (using @ and #), we have access to the bio of the user, number of subscribers (=followers), etc.

Then you can chose to view ALL the content, or view it by type

text, photo, video, audio, voice notes and you can even include live-broadcasting!

If we click on Featured, we land on a kind of home page where we can see who has already subscribed, and if their channel is free or not (premium for David Guetta).

The PG-13 means that "the content on this Pheed channel may be inappropriate for children under 13"; the R for Chris Brown means that "the content on this Pheed channel may be inappropriate for children under 17".

Then we can wonder, what does differentiate Pheed from other social networks, and how will it gain subscribers?
We understood that the aim of this social media is to "monetize content"; we can then assume that content will have a better quality if content-producers make us charge for it. 

For the moment, subscribers are mainly DJs, music producers, singers, etc. who want to share their compositions, and be recognized for it by making followers pay for it.

Stay tuned, the iPhone app is about to be released ;-)

Well, how do you feel about it?

By @CJuppet

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