Thursday, October 25, 2012

#WifiWork session @Starbucks Saint-Lazare

Dear FMKRS, 

Today we went to a traditional Starbucks in Saint-Lazare because we craved for muffins and donuts!!
{By the way, talking about Starbucks, have a look at their "Make your own Frapuccino" website, I tried and it's funky!! Guess which flavours I chose? :-) }
Below are the platforms we discovered and talked about altogether:

  • Social Bakers provides us with statistics from all the social media platforms in various categories; you should definitely have a look at it, it’s really well organized, quite complete and easy to search inside!
  • Flipboard, Your Social Magazine, is a mobile application that some of us already know and use; interesting platform, where you can organize the content you want to receive, and it's easy to share any information from the app to your own social networks profiles! // Google currents is a similar mobile application - meaning you take your feeds everywhere with you!
  • Veooz is useful for people wanting to know about trendy words. It could be seen as a competitor of Google Trends but the difference is that the content in Veooz directly comes from social media and networks.
  • Click to tweet is a tool that I have been using for several days, it's really easy and fast! Just write your message in the big box on the main page, generate the link and send it, share it as much as you want, and when people click on it, they can directly tweet out what you wrote!
  • Pay with a tweet is also a really interesting twitter derivative - brands can increase their visibility by giving documents away (songs, pictures, factsheets for hotels for example, etc.) if people just tweet that this brand enabled them to get this item for free! I'll try to embed it on my blog next time, stay tuned!
  • Shift: kind of internal network for companies – we’ll have a closer look at it, but if you have already tried it, please let us know how you feel about this platform! Related to this topic, here is an article about the Top 10 Social Entreprises Tools.
  • This article provides information about the use of the Facebook Want button: it says that when the want button was first thought of, the final goal was that people would buy what they “wanted”. But it’s actually not working like this – kind of The Fancy, you can fancy or want things, but people usually don’t buy it. 

And you, would you actually buy something that you "Want" on Facebook, or would you just "Want" it to build nice visual collections on your timeline?

In short: a great sunny day with the view on the beautiful Concorde Opera Paris and Saint-Lazare train station!

Stay tuned for next week wifiwork session!


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