Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hospitality Food Tech Innovation Jumpstart = MetroTechstars Accelerator

F&B, Hospitality innovation in digital times, success is fueled by external support - MetroTechstars is a powerhouse for start ups.

"The METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars is a highly selective mentorship program for digital and technology startups across the entire value chain of hospitality and food tech."

Large companies frequently innovate via in-house initiatives BUT breakthrough concepts can come from individuals (think Facebook’s start) or small start ups.

Accelerators invest funds, expertise and peripheral support, such as legal, accounting to get platforms, programs, tools into the user marketplace - at the speed of digital.  MetroTechstars selects 10 start ups projected to change F&B hospitality performance.  

Check out MetroTechstars Accelerator portfolio

Cheerfy - combines an app for customers’ wearable with preference data and recognizes that customer via geo-fencing.

Smunch - ‘smart team lunch’ platform combines healthy meals, delivered as a group order from a different participating restaurant each day.

Smart startups solve problems, create win-win-win opportunities.

Accelerate your F&B, Restaurant, hospitality tech perspectives at MetroTechstars Blog.

Hospitality-Next, dedicated to industry innovation, will explore some of the exciting innovations designed by these startups.

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