Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mobile Audience Growth - Web is Discovery Opportunity

 Mobiforge details #mobile report - apps for engagement - web for discovery

Mobile marketers and developers will value Mobiforge's analysis of Comscore's recent report.  For all of us trying to decide - Mobile site or mobile app, the information is most helpful.  

Decision depends on your business goals:
  • are you building your mobile audience = mobile website -USER centric
  • do you want to increase engagement with mobile users = app
The chart below from the Comscore report clearly shows the growth opportunity.

Another key point is that mobile web is a gateway:

We’ve seen a lot of movement in the mobile web arena over the last year in the shape ofProgressive Web Apps, and the AMP initiative that bears out the importance of  the web as the gateway to further engagement without the same limitations as an app store presents. Outside of the app oligarchs,  the discovery battle may ultimately be won on the web.
An excellent, concise analysis - read Martin Clancy's article "Mobile Audience Growth Web Not Apps" 

Original Post - Mobile Mindset Web not Apps

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