Friday, October 14, 2016

Merci Millennials - Mobile Powered #Hotels for Everyone

As Hotels and accommodation providers design + create to win the coveted millennial market, those of us who want the same features win too!

As a maxi-millennial (read - boomer), I seek the same services + ambiance that millennials look for in hotels and alternative accommodations.

A brief list:

  • Totally digitally connected - fast free WiFi everywhere
  • Mobile self empowered services and personalized options
  • Design style touches BUT affordable rates
  • Interesting experiences - localized, authentic
  • Social spaces - especially if shared - guests, locals and visitors
  • Environmentally aware - Fair Trade or organic offerings
  • Healthful food offerings - available on demand
  • Friendly, helpful staff - informal (not scripted) approach
Some hotels have been out in front delivering 'millennial' experiences.  My favorites are:
So, the reality is millennials is a mindset - lifestyle - not an age group - as shared at the Annual Hotel Conference UK - reported by Big Hospitality

Thank you millennials - hotels have broken free from 'standardization' of experiences - it is much more fun.

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