Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Innovating Innovation - MarriottTestBED - Accelerator Europe

MarriottTestBED unique  programme  to accelerate tech startups that enhance the travel experience.

If you are a startup with great concept to improve travel experiences, Marriott Hotel Europe could be a power partner.

Ever innovative, Marriott Hotels Europe seeks innovation from the outside.  Their accelerator programme invites startups dedicated to enhancing the travel experience to submit their early stage project.

Marriott TestBED - Hospitality Innovation StartUp Accelerator

The criteria is distinctly traveller focused and challenging
Products or services should comply with the following:
  • Fit within the travel and hospitality sector
  • Can be implemented at a single hotel level
  • Will offer guests a useful tool to explore and discover a city or region
  • or
  • Help Marriott Hotels in Europe better understand their guests wants and needs
  • Does not require heavy integration into global systems
  • Submissions must be made in English
Hurry - Start Up submissions  close 16/10/2016.

Get full Details at MarriottTestBED

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